Brand Strong Retreat 2018 (first ever!)

WHEN is the Brand Strong Retreat?

Thursday, January 18 to Saturday, January 20, 2018

WHAT is the Brand Strong Retreat?

The Brand Strong Retreat is your chance to leave your desk, store, shop, showroom, spa, or workplace and come together with an amazing group of business owners.

For our two days together, you will enjoy the space, tools, and support to reflect on 2017 and create an ambitious and inspiring 2018 plan to reach your next-level goals.

We will begin with a guided, fun, comprehensive review of 2017 that will allow you to pull out truly useful nuggets and see last year with clear perspective. That part alone will be eye-opening.

Then, we will look at the coming year and imagine the big growth year we want with specificity and metrics. We will clarify all the attributes of a great year, and I don't just mean the goals and projects.

Next, we will create plans. This is the key secret weapon (well, not so secret, but way under-utilized) that successful businesses know how to develop and stick to. If you already have 2018 mapped out, you'll still want to refine, I promise.

If you breeze through the first parts, we will then get to work on OMs and/or deeper project planning with my guidance and coaching. And/or, if your Brand Strong Model needs some polishing, you'll have my support for that too!

I will guide you with assignments and some training, and a lot of time and space to work on your plan with me there to coach you as you work.

We will spend some time on setting yourself up for massive action and follow-through. It's easy to get distracted and we need to embrace that success comes from trusting your plan and STICKING TO IT!

We'll eat delicious meals and have time to connect and enjoy the company and the beauty around us.

These two days will give you what you need to come back to work inspired, prepared, and motivated to launch your best year yet for your business.

WHO is this for?
Brand Strong graduates only who are committed to showing up big in your business next year.

WHAT'S INCLUDED for my payment of $1550?

The entire program, all materials, a room in a beautiful house on the Russian River (with shared bathrooms), meals, snacks, and GREAT company!

Transportation will not be provided but I'm happy to help you connect and carpool. Please let me know if you have space for someone or would like a ride.

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Nina Kaufman
Nina Kaufman

Through her coaching practice, Nina blends coaching, consulting, and training to help individuals and teams expand their businesses. She is responsible for spurring major organizational growth, for challenging clients to more resourcefully reach goals that are bigger than what they ever thought possible, and for developing the Brand Strong Model™.